43 Ways to work smarter

1 Prioritize your tasks

2 Delegate, delegate, delegate

3 Stop multitasking now

4 Minimize distractions

5 Establish a routine

6 Take care of yourself

7 Ask for help

8 Plan ahead

9 Understand the value of your time

10 Automate your recurring tasks

11 Leverage technology to your advantage

12 Wake up early

13 Set shorter personal deadlines

14 Make a not-to-do list

15 Schedule tasks based on your energy levels

16 Practice daily self-care

17 Adjust your tools

18 Do the most difficult tasks first

19 Learn how to use productivity tools

20 Focus your time on results, not time and effort

21 Make use of apps

22 Focus on your results

23 Learn how to prioritize your work

24 Turn off the internet

25 Eliminate stressors

26 Use social media strategically

27 Automate, automate, automate

28 Protect your greatest resource, your time

29 Feel passion and purpose

30 Stop keeping a million tabs open

31 Dont be afraid to learn new things

32 Protect the time when you do your best work

33 Build habits to help you stop working

34 Manage your net

35 Control your habits

36 Follow up on tasks

37 Pick a tool, any tool, and use it

38 Take naps

39 Move around and work in blocks

40 Extend your time deadlines

41 Track your output

42 Schedule breaks

43 Go home when youre behind

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