74 Ways to be positive

1 Encourage an attitude of gratitude

2 Spend time with positive people

3 Practice gratitude

4 Smile

5 Start your day in a positive way

6 Be thankful

7 Appreciate others

8 Add value and positivity to someone elses life

9 Avoid gossiping and complaining

10 Give yourself a break

11 Live healthy

12 Learn how to take criticism in a healthy way

13 Get some exercise

14 Consider meditation

15 Challenge negative thoughts with positive ones

16 Make your home a positive environment

17 Find positive friends, mentors and co-workers

18 Find the positive viewpoint in a negative situation

19 Listen to music that puts you into a positive mood

20 Identify a positive

21 Help others/volunteer

22 Create a positive environment to live in

23 Laughter and humour

24 Keep a gratitude journal

25 Take it slow

26 Be complimentary

27 Focus on the long-term instead of the short-term

28 Appreciate small victories

29 Practice random acts of kindness

30 Add some flowers or plants throughout your home

31 Avoid negative influences

32 Do things you love to do

33 Read positive and inspirational materials

34 Reduce your worries

35 Stop complaining

36 Spend time in nature

37 Work towards accomplishing a goal

38 Exercise regularly and eat and sleep well

39 Exercise and meditate for peace of mind

40 Sleep more soundly

41 Use this time for self care

42 Take responsibility for your behavior

43 Perform an act of kindness

44 Keep a strengths perspective

45 Learn to stop comparing yourself to other people

46 Wake up a little earlier in the morning

47 Find the good in every bad situation

48 Set some goals

49 Use a positive vocabulary

50 Take a walk in nature

51 Be a better listener

52 Go outdoors

53 Be kind to yourself

54 Change your language

55 Start a daily gratitude practice

56 Find humour in bad situations

57 Focus on the present

58 Play schedule time to play into your life

59 Dont forget to exercise

60 Maintain balance

61 Get a pet

62 Share your issues

63 Know your values and what really matters to you

64 Keep your posture positive

65 Leave work at work

66 Make and keep a compliment file or box

67 Learn how to recognize serious problems versus slight difficulties

68 Focus on one thing at a time

69 Know your intrinsic motivation

70 Help make your workplace a positive place to work in

71 Reward yourself for your accomplishments

72 Encourage others

73 Teach others what you know

74 Reward yourself for coming in under budget

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