49 Ways to improve body language

1 Direct eye contact

2 Maintain eye contact

3 Smile (at the right time)

4 Practice good posture

5 Use hand gestures

6 Smile and nod a lot

7 Perfect your handshake

8 Talk more with your hands

9 Take up space

10 Avoid fidgeting

11 Focus on posture

12 Stand and sit up straight

13 Look like youre listening

14 Stand tall and take up space

15 Reduce nervous gestures

16 Keep a good attitude

17 Walk slower

18 Slow down a bit

19 Relax your shoulders

20 Exhibit your palms

21 Pay attention to proximity

22 Speak with confidence

23 Control your facial expressions

24 Nod when listening to someone speak

25 Use the right body language when you perform

26 Maintain a confident posture

27 Body movements and posture

28 Mirror another person

29 Keep voice, face, and body relaxed and positive

30 Keep an open body stance

31 Get

32 Use your head

33 Stay physically still

34 Avoid touching your face

35 Dont slouch

36 Slow down your gestures

37 Mirror expressions and postures

38 Voice

39 Make sure you always express affection

40 Negative facial expressions

41 Orientation

42 Get in their space

43 Dial up your energy level

44 Play supermodel to reduce conflict

45 Use props to engage

46 Think before you speak

47 Mouth

48 Sit all the way back in your seat

49 Ignore power poses

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