25 Ways to be strong after a breakup

1 Focus on the positives

2 Take your time

3 Acknowledgement

4 Bargaining (a

5 Challenge your sadness

6 Get your flirt on

7 Desperate need for answers

8 Embrace forgiveness

9 Spend a lot of time outside

10 Cry if you need to

11 Keep a positive perspective

12 Stay active and keep yourself occupied

13 Focus on the work at hand

14 Think that you deserve better

15 Remove any connections to your ex

16 Communicate with others

17 Give yourself time to grieve

18 Treat yourself to a new sex toy

19 Denial

20 Anger

21 Depression

22 Notice your fantasies and their emotional impact

23 Invest in your physical health in other ways

24 Meet new people

25 Take off the rose-colored glasses

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