62 Ways to be mentally strong

1 Strong-minded people have clear, specific goals

2 Take decisive actions

3 Self-care

4 Take good care of yourself

5 Make gratitude a priority

6 Ask for help when you need it

7 Focus on things you can control

8 Deal with your emotions

9 Learn how to practice kindness

10 Self-aware and humble

11 I will do at least one tough thing every week

12 Allow yourself to make mistakes

13 Surround yourself with mentally strong people

14 Forget about your past

15 Change your perspective

16 Have a positive outlook

17 Reflect on your experiences

18 Take responsibility for your outcomes

19 Stay away from vices that disturb your mental peace

20 Theyre relentlessly positive

21 Identify specific areas that you would like to change

22 Help and inspire others

23 Be compassionate toward yourself

24 Establish and work toward goals

25 Consider talking to a therapist

26 Theyre emotionally intelligent

27 Get rid of the shame associated with grieving

28 Pamper yourself

29 Live a healthy life

30 Be kind

31 Choose your friends carefully

32 Master your mindset

33 Be consistent

34 Challenge

35 Confidence

36 Teach specific skills

37 Let your child make mistakes

38 Teach your child how to develop healthy self-talk

39 Encourage your child to face fears head-on

40 Allow your child to feel uncomfortable

41 Affirm personal responsibility

42 Teach emotion regulation skills

43 Be a role model for mental strength

44 Skill acquisition

45 Make connections

46 Avoid seeing crises as insurmountable problems

47 Accept that change is a part of living

48 Move toward your goals

49 Look for opportunities for self-discovery

50 Nurture a positive view of yourself

51 Keep things in perspective

52 Maintain a hopeful outlook

53 Additional ways of strengthening resilience may be helpful

54 Think positively

55 Use visualization

56 Plan for setbacks

57 Manage stress

58 Tenacity

59 Interpersonal connectedness through honest communication

60 Presence of mind

61 Make a schedule

62 Avoid doom scrolling

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