30 Ways to be emotionally strong

1 Recognize your emotions

2 Help others in need

3 Confidence

4 Encourage optimism

5 Be positive

6 Take good care of yourself

7 Self-awareness

8 See the positive side

9 Self-compassion

10 Adaptability

11 Practice honesty

12 Surround yourself with mentally strong people

13 Surround yourself with positive people

14 Take responsibility for everything

15 Stay confident

16 Make gratitude a priority

17 Become more flexible

18 Consider talking to a therapist

19 Remove your emotions from decision making

20 Identify specific areas that you would like to change

21 Able to see the big picture

22 Ask for help when you need it

23 Learn from your past experiences

24 Take decisive actions

25 Self and self-sufficiency

26 Open communication of their feelings

27 Learn how to practice kindness

28 Acknowledge your strengths

29 Take responsibility for your behaviour

30 Remember that its not personal

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