28 Ways to be emotionally strong in a relationship

1 Self-assessment

2 Emphasize and reinforce your commitment

3 Ask for help when you need it

4 Spend quality time together

5 Confidence

6 Change your perspective

7 Remain calm

8 Take good care of yourself

9 Communicate, communicate, communicate

10 Be kind to yourself

11 Determine if your partners needs are being met

12 Take decisive actions

13 Self-management

14 Make connections

15 Open communication of their feelings

16 Recognize your emotions

17 Consider talking to a therapist

18 Identify and name your feelings

19 Develop trust

20 Practice your mindset

21 Have a positive outlook

22 Practice self-compassion

23 Remind your partner frequently what you love about your relationship

24 Track your thoughts and feelings in a journal

25 Be there even when you cant actually be there

26 Think before you act

27 Shift your thinking into practicing

28 Realise that you deserve healthy love

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