26 Ways to be strong mentally and emotionally

1 Take good care of yourself

2 Self-aware

3 Optimistic

4 Give them a break

5 Help others

6 Deal with your emotions

7 Make gratitude a priority

8 Confident

9 Take decisive actions

10 Learn how to deal with negative thoughts

11 Self and self-sufficiency

12 Identify specific areas that you would like to change

13 Allow yourself to make mistakes

14 Show signs of happiness

15 Theyre flexible

16 Stay connected

17 Forget about your past

18 Take responsibility for your outcomes

19 Carve out self-care time

20 Give yourself a daily mindfulness break

21 Encourage your child to face fears head-on

22 Adaptability

23 I will do at least one tough thing every week

24 Theyre grateful for all they have

25 Do something youre good at

26 Exercise

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