79 Ways to be more relaxed

1 Laugh a little

2 Go for a walk

3 Get yourself a massage

4 Picture your happy place

5 Use your breath

6 Stop and smell the flowers

7 Try essential oils and aromatherapy

8 Stretch it out

9 Chomp some chewing gum

10 Take some deep breaths

11 Find some alone time

12 Get your heart rate up

13 Get your green tea on

14 Use a scalp massager

15 Be in nature

16 Practice mindfulness

17 Connect with your body

18 Hug a tree

19 Take a warm bath

20 Breathing

21 Take a nap

22 Do some yoga stretches

23 Visualize your calm

24 Spend time with a pet

25 Take some time to spend outdoors

26 Listen to some music

27 Listen to some soothing music

28 Slow down a bit

29 Focus on the positives

30 Get some social time

31 Monitor your breathing

32 Count to 10 (or 100)

33 Do something kind for someone else

34 Call an old friend

35 Put your thumb in your mouth and blow on it

36 Watch videos of animals being cute

37 Spend some time away from your phone

38 Use visualization

39 Manage your expectations

40 Try muscle relaxation techniques

41 Make it smell great

42 Wake up early

43 Repeat a mantra

44 Do activities you really love

45 Focus on the bigger picture

46 Get active

47 Fake a smile

48 Create your space

49 Get plenty of sleep

50 Surround yourself with positive people

51 National center for complementary and integrative health website

52 Black, d

53 Hit the gym

54 Sign up for mail order pharmacy

55 Help yourself to a little honey

56 Go tropical

57 Crunch and munch

58 Get your head below your heart

59 Give yourself a squeeze

60 Say your abcs backward

61 Visualize what you want or need

62 Close your peepers

63 Roll a tennis ball under your feet

64 Take your frustration out on a stress ball

65 Splash cold water on your face

66 Zen out and zone out

67 Get some rays

68 Stare out the window

69 Wrangle clutter

70 Put your feet up

71 Write it down

72 Do a crossword puzzle

73 Sniff citrus

74 Brew some beans

75 Cuddle with a furry friend

76 Talk to a pal

77 Start planning some time off

78 Release the tension in your jaw

79 Oil up

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