38 Ways to have a better attitude

1 Show your appreciation for others

2 Surround yourself with positive people

3 Build positive relationships with your co-workers

4 Stay calm

5 Happiness

6 Get enough sleep

7 Hang out with positive people

8 Be grateful

9 Build their self-esteem

10 Give yourself a break

11 Smile and laugh more

12 Celebrate achievements

13 Help yourself by helping others

14 Start your day strong

15 Look for the good in other people

16 Use a more positive vocabulary

17 Change the way you look at the situation

18 Teach others what you know

19 Become a role model

20 Keep your posture positive

21 Develop a positive sense of self

22 Stop comparing yourselves unfavourably with others

23 Set and complete your goals

24 Help make your workplace a positive place to work in

25 Make your home a positive environment

26 Find your most productive work hours

27 Act professionally

28 Create a routine

29 Planning of day and week

30 Spend time with pets and young people

31 Sit up

32 Improved problem-solving abilities

33 Have a positive path in life

34 Think about your friends attitudes

35 Practice thought-stopping

36 Make and keep a compliment file or box

37 Focus on one thing at a time

38 Avoid negative thoughts

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