26 Ways to be more feminine in a relationship

1 Have sex

2 Be more feminine by softening your masculine behaviours

3 Cacao & convos w dad

4 Dress attractively to be more sexy

5 Use mild floral and fruity fragrances

6 Consume media by and about queer people

7 Kindness and responsibility

8 Slow down & be present in the moment

9 Develop a right attitude to look feminine

10 Be quick to show empathy

11 Take care of yourself

12 Take care of your hair

13 Embrace a confident attitude

14 Wear perfume

15 Listen up

16 Take care of your hygiene

17 Contrast is everything

18 Flirt

19 Appreciate beauty

20 Go into nature

21 Get creative

22 Hone your emotional expression

23 Value spontaneity and play

24 Force yourself to transform

25 Have your own life

26 Speak your mind

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