75 Ways to be more productive in life

1 Take a break

2 Eliminate distractions

3 Get up early

4 Prioritize your tasks

5 Make a to-do list

6 Say no

7 Break up big tasks into smaller components

8 Stop multi-tasking

9 Turn off notifications

10 Use a daily checklist

11 Give yourself more time by waking up earlier

12 Get enough sleep , even if that means sleeping in

13 Go to bed early and get enough sleep

14 Celebrate your accomplishments

15 Rest

16 Exercise every day

17 Seek help when you need it

18 Expose yourself to more natural light

19 Prioritise the hardest tasks first

20 Assign yourself a maintenance day

21 Read a book

22 Learn how to cook something new

23 Follow the 80/20 rule

24 Get moving!

25 Stop…

26 Break down your tasks into smaller steps

27 Set the timer

28 Focus your attention

29 Set goals and make it a habit

30 Get off social media

31 Showcase your success

32 Learn a new language

33 Eliminate unnecessary communication

34 Schedule tasks for the right time of day

35 Batch related tasks together

36 Tackle that really tough to-do first

37 Switch off the computer

38 Batch your tasks

39 Do less to do more

40 Schedule (and take) more breaks

41 Have

42 Create a calendar system that works for you

43 Develop a routine for daily tasks

44 Keep your desk/home office/studio/whatever nice and tidy

45 Play some games

46 Learn how to prioritize

47 Organize everything

48 Plan the night before

49 Eat better

50 Schedule social time on your calendar

51 Turn off social media notifications on your phone

52 Set priorities

53 Add something green to your workspace dcor

54 Take time to regroup

55 Set concrete goals & write them down

56 Involve your kids

57 Divide and conquer

58 Plan your dream vacation

59 Clean up your computer

60 Fill the tank recharge

61 Know when to step away from the computer

62 Create a beautiful, inspiring environment to do work

63 Take yourself on an artist date

64 Create a morning routine

65 Identify your personal work patterns

66 Set small goals for the tasks

67 Figure out your 2 peak hours

68 Focus on one goal at a time

69 Throw stuff away and declutter

70 Find a method for delegating and following-up

71 Create a proactive dashboard

72 Be accountable to another person

73 Pick one task and then do it

74 Follow the 2 pizza rule for meetings

75 Group similar tasks together

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