58 Ways to be more energetic

1 Get enough sleep

2 Get some exercise

3 Drink some water

4 Eat a balanced breakfast

5 Take a power nap

6 Stay hydrated

7 Let there be light

8 Get social

9 Sleep

10 Listen to energetic music

11 Eat well and regularly

12 Have a sound sleep

13 Eat a healthy diet

14 Get regular exercise

15 Leave your desk

16 Splash your face (or body) with cold water

17 Drink plenty of water

18 Eat some chocolate

19 Always get up at the same time even on weekends

20 Entertain wisely

21 Drink green tea, or rooibos tea

22 Seek out the sun with a morning workout

23 Give yourself a break

24 Have a healthy breakfast

25 Lower your alcohol intake

26 Meditation - increased focus

27 Avoid energy drinks

28 Get something done

29 Limit alcohol and smoking

30 Take some time to stretch it out

31 Open your curtains

32 Drink water when you first get up

33 Try yoga breathing

34 Exercise every morning

35 Build a reserve

36 Reduce your stress overall

37 Steel cut oats

38 Quinoa

39 Define your stress

40 Set aside time to meditate

41 Ask for a standing desk

42 Fitness

43 Diet

44 See value in your traits

45 Work you love

46 Surround yourself with spirited people

47 Music

48 University of georgia

49 Have a bite

50 Add the black walnut water to your warm bath

51 Eat healthy, all day long

52 Drink some coffee

53 Suck on something

54 Take a cold shower

55 Take a few deep breaths

56 Add a house plant

57 Change the temperature

58 Change die-t into lifestyle

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