28 Ways to be more charismatic

1 Exude confidence

2 Listen

3 Stay positive

4 Make eye contact

5 Be warm

6 Be an amazing listener (a

7 Be positive

8 Maintain good posture

9 Practice empathy

10 Be interesting

11 Remember peoples names

12 Keep your nerves in check

13 Listen way more than you talk

14 Be consistent

15 Be able to be in the present

16 Demonstrate a genuine interest

17 Showcase your wit and humour

18 Be happy

19 Be confident or at least they look like you are

20 Positive persuasive influence

21 Choose your attitude -- and your words

22 Presence

23 Generosity

24 Always put your stuff away

25 Always give before you receive knowing you may never receive

26 Know the rules — and break them

27 Pause for two full seconds before speaking

28 Be at ease with your desires and your opinions

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