83 Ways to be happy right now

1 Express gratitude

2 Go for some exercise

3 Smile!

4 Get outside

5 Pick some flowers

6 Have fun

7 Do some yoga

8 Choose happiness

9 Get a good nights sleep

10 Random acts of kindness

11 Hug

12 Serve and help others

13 Take a bath

14 Be forgiving

15 Read a book

16 Time to take a walk

17 Try something new

18 Stop worrying

19 Pet an animal

20 Connect with people

21 Compliment yourself

22 Avoid blame

23 Stop comparing yourself to other people

24 Practice gratitude for what you have

25 Stay mindful

26 Make plans for the future

27 Spend your money on experiences rather than things

28 Focus on the good

29 Practice self-care

30 Foster friendship

31 Create a gratitude list

32 Help others 100 hours a year is the magical number

33 Meditate rewire your brain for happiness

34 Spend time with nature

35 Give yourself a confidence boost

36 Find those silver linings

37 Exercise more seven minutes might be enough

38 Change up your vocabulary

39 Save money…

40 Make forgiveness a practice

41 Be comfortable with who you are

42 Say affirmations out loud

43 Wake up naturally

44 Meditate regularly

45 See that being joyful is your fundamental responsibility

46 Take a nature walk

47 Phone up some friends

48 Do one nice thing for someone

49 Winterize your workout routine, too

50 Do something creative

51 Live according to your personal values

52 Believe and trust yourself

53 Eat healthily

54 Play with a child

55 Get the help you need

56 Volunteer together

57 Make your own happiness a priority

58 Give yourself a break

59 Ask for help when you need it

60 Start your day with sunshine

61 Simplicity

62 Engage in activities that promote happiness

63 Celebrate daily wins

64 Unplug really unplug, that is

65 Practice gratitude increase both happiness and life satisfaction

66 Apply yourself fully to whatever you do

67 Meditate

68 Get a new hobby

69 Get busy

70 Build meaningful connections

71 Get out debt

72 Appreciate your spouse or partner

73 Learn how to make your fave dish

74 Give your dream a chance and go for it

75 Stretch

76 Buy gifts for others

77 Donate to charity

78 Indulge in small pleasures rather than big splurges

79 Spread out your spending

80 Buy now, consume later

81 Avoid comparison shopping

82 Think about the big picture before making a major purchase

83 If you cant wait, flip to page tk

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