64 Ways to be happy with yourself

1 Be grateful

2 Smile and youll be happy

3 Smile

4 If you want to be happy, be

5 Indulge in a massage

6 Be forgiving

7 Laugh at yourself

8 Exercise outdoors

9 Write in a gratitude journal

10 Stop comparing yourself to others

11 Donate money to cause you care about

12 Learn something new

13 Make plans for the future

14 Spend time with nature

15 Avoid blame

16 Regularly practice a simple mindfulness exercise

17 Dance around

18 Exercise regularly

19 Take a break

20 Spend on experiences rather than material things

21 Stop complaining

22 Recite a mantra

23 Practice gratitude for what you have

24 Pour yourself into a new hobby

25 Give someone a hug

26 Focus on being a blessing to others

27 Find time to relax

28 Practice self-care on a daily basis

29 Practice smiling more

30 Self-assessment

31 Take a good look at yourself

32 Get a good nights sleep

33 Take some deep breaths

34 Be affirmative about being positive

35 Look for the good in things

36 Serve and help others

37 Give a stranger a compliment

38 Just listen

39 Spread joy

40 Refine your set of skills

41 Stay grateful

42 Appreciate what you have

43 Eat foods that nourish…and that you enjoy

44 Look forward, not back

45 Take a lot of pictures

46 Eliminate roadblocks

47 Have an open mind

48 Be present in your relationships

49 Indulge your creative side

50 Use some positive affirmations

51 Reminisce about good memories

52 Start your day with a cold shower

53 Understand that you are complete

54 Follow your gut

55 Buy gifts for others

56 Indulge in small pleasures rather than big splurges

57 Spread out your spending

58 Buy now, consume later

59 Avoid comparison shopping

60 Think about the big picture before making a major purchase

61 Find the right podcasts

62 Pursue new experiences, rather than new things

63 Pursue a hobby that makes you feel good

64 Plan ahead

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