41 Ways to be more responsible

1 Learn to budget

2 Set goals

3 Shop locally

4 Have a schedule

5 Check your credit report

6 Use public transportation

7 Dont feed wild animals

8 Stop making excuses for yourself

9 Offset your carbon footprint

10 Conserve water

11 Choose sustainable accommodation and tour operators

12 Stay at sustainable accommodations

13 Eat local, seasonal foods

14 Be honest

15 Stick to responsible wildlife tourism

16 Minimise your waste

17 Learn how to control your spending habits

18 Hold yourself accountable for your actions

19 Teach a child to cook…

20 Make a budget

21 Highlight personal development skills during your job interview

22 Stop blaming others and making excuses

23 Buy locally grown products

24 Practice self-control

25 Start buying smart

26 Ask before you snap someones photo

27 Respect other peoples opinions

28 Education

29 Become more aware of resources

30 Master how to budget

31 Recognize the commitment

32 Learn how to shop for insurance

33 Do good deeds

34 Slow down

35 Choose your experiences with care

36 Find non-profits

37 Selfie responsibly

38 Vote with your wallet

39 Focus on taking action

40 Avoid animal tourism

41 Let your teen show how much freedom they can handle

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