28 Ways to stop caring what other people think

1 Believe in yourself

2 Know your values

3 Keep things in perspective

4 Practice self-love

5 Identify whose voice it really is

6 Trust a few opinions, and then forget the rest

7 Know that you have full ownership over your feelings

8 Think about why you care

9 Increase your self-understanding

10 Love and appreciate yourself a little more

11 Know that youre not a mind reader

12 Get to know yourself

13 Imagine the worst that could possibly happen

14 Focus on being in the moment

15 Lead with authenticity

16 Realize that most people dont care about you

17 Pay attention to what matters most

18 Find gratitude in your life

19 Youre stuck with the end result

20 Acknowledge that a child may be lgbtqi+

21 Become solid in who you are as a person

22 Surround yourself with pros

23 Create a growth list

24 Develop the self-confidence to accept who you are

25 Let go of perfection

26 Shift your negative thought patterns

27 Listen to your customers and clients

28 Dont get bothered by opinions

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