7 Ways to get people to like you

Everyone wants to be loved and liked. In this list, we will look at various tips for being a more likeable person.

1 Request favors

The Ben Franklin effect suggests that requesting favors from others makes them like you more. This arises from cognitive dissonance, or the idea that when you do favors for someone, you internalize the notion that you did the favor because you do like that person. And the liking continues beyond the requested favor. It is one of the many psychological tricks that you can use to your advantage.

2 Do not judge

Nobody likes being judged, so why would you judge someone even if you disagree with them. Whenever you feel like judging someone for their opinion, try to probe further. You can respond with a question instead "That is interesting. Can you shed some more light to help me understand?".

3 Do not contradict

You may not always agree with someone's opinion even if you have fully heard their perspective. In such situations, it is better to not contradict someone if you value that relationship. You never win an argument with contradiction because people go on the defensive.However, you can always get the other person thinking through their own opinions to get them to gradually arrive at where you want them to be.

4 Be a good listener

Instead of focusing on coming up with a witty response or floating away into your own thoughts, try to listen to every thing that is being uttered. Try to understand it carefully. Do not just show interest, be actually interested. People like to talk, and they love people who can listen to what they have to say.

5 Smile

Smiling, genuinely, is the best way of gaining trust. It gets people to let their guard down.

6 Address people by their names

Everyone loves to hear their own name. And by using their name often in a conversation with them, you not only etch the name and the face in your memory, you also convey that you do care about remembering their name and that they are more than a mere face-in-the-crowd to you.

7 Moderate your eye-contact

Shying away from eye-contact is likely to convey disinterest. Maintaining 100% eye-contact is will appear aggressive and condescending. Find a balance based on the person you are talking to, and attempt to maintain eye-contact in the 60 to 75 percent of the time.

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