35 Ways to be more creative in art

1 I am killing creativity

2 Try a new skill

3 Push yourself to try new things

4 Take a nap

5 Make something with your hands

6 Creative limitations give you more freedom

7 Take the 30 circles test

8 Just begin

9 Restrict yourself

10 Give yourself a break

11 Assign yourself a deadline

12 Exercise your imagination

13 Develop your expertise

14 Do yoga and meditate

15 Spend time outside

16 Find your muse

17 Go for a walk

18 Youre thinking toomuch

19 Play video games

20 Read more

21 Get enough sleep

22 Make time for creativity

23 Re-conceptualize the problem

24 Be resourceful

25 Set aside a time every day to daydream

26 Reduce outward distractions and sensations

27 Doodle

28 Admire surrealism

29 Create art

30 Learn a new language

31 Balance order and chaos

32 Read absurdist fiction

33 Be curious about everything

34 Keep an art-related idea journal

35 I kill creativity when i protect students from making mistakes

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