42 Ways to be more creative in thinking

1 Emphasize for importance of creativity

2 Make time for brainstorming

3 Appreciate new ideas

4 Mind maps

5 Seek new experiences

6 Stay healthy

7 Do something physical

8 Keep a diary

9 Value creativity andcelebrate and reward it

10 Take a break

11 Set aside time for brainstorming

12 Give yourself psychological distance

13 Get started

14 Test yourself with the 30 circles test

15 Stay open-minded and flexible

16 Practice mindfulness

17 Encourage kids to trust their instincts and have fun brainstorming

18 Engage in creative practices

19 Generate as many ideas as possible fills the well

20 Play with ideas

21 Break all the rules

22 Socialize with different people

23 Encourage lifelong learning

24 Engage and encourage your team

25 Let yourself be bored

26 Read a new book

27 Reframe your way of thinking

28 Foster an open, creative work environment

29 Become a better problem solver

30 Encourage free time and creative play

31 Tolerate mistakes

32 Mentor individual team members

33 Embrace the weird

34 Go to sleep

35 Try something outside of your creativity comfort zone

36 Humor models curiosity and playfulness

37 Make learning a hands-on activity

38 Reconceptualize problems

39 Ask a lot of questions

40 Build your confidence

41 Work when youre tired

42 Ask yourself what if?

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