45 Ways to be satisfied with yourself

1 Practice gratitude for what you have

2 Believe you can be happy

3 Do things alone

4 Carry a smile

5 Practice gratitude

6 Have an attitude of gratitude

7 Do what makes you happy

8 Foster friendship

9 Gratitude

10 See the positive side of things

11 Get outside and get some fresh air

12 Focus on your strengths

13 Get some exercise

14 Be kind to yourself

15 Spend time with nature

16 Do it with kindness

17 Appreciate yourself

18 Eat healthy

19 Give someone a hug

20 Make plans for your future

21 Just listen

22 Get regular exercise

23 Determine what happiness will look like for you

24 Create a gratitude journal

25 Get some sunshine

26 Dont be cynical

27 Buy yourself some flowers

28 Take responsibility for your actions

29 Take care of yourself

30 Ask yourself who you want to be

31 Living in the moment

32 Give a stranger a compliment

33 Practice being grateful every day

34 Take some deep breaths

35 Focus on being a blessing to others

36 Step outside yourself

37 D

38 Plan ahead

39 Try something new

40 Get a coach

41 Reach out

42 Pay it forward

43 Dont put too much pressure on yourself

44 Search for benefit in your pain

45 Find positive meaning in negative events

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