108 Ways to be happier in life

1 Be grateful

2 Exercise

3 Choose happiness

4 Be yourself

5 Connect with others

6 Practice meditation

7 Get plenty of sleep

8 Create a gratitude journal

9 Find it in your heart to forgive

10 Give hugs (to those you know)

11 Be kind to yourself

12 Meditate and be mindful

13 Do what makes you happy

14 Talk with friends

15 Focus on the good

16 Help others if you can

17 Smile more

18 Spend time outdoors

19 Do some yoga

20 Surround yourself with positive people

21 Avoid fads

22 Ask for help when you need it

23 Breathe deep

24 Stop comparing

25 Spend time with children

26 Believe you can be happy

27 Let go of sadness and disappointment

28 Focus on the positive

29 Ditch your phone

30 Appreciate the little things

31 Count your blessings and be grateful

32 Change your perspective

33 Spend time in nature

34 Get off of social media

35 Take a bath

36 Regularly practice a simple mindfulness exercise

37 Respect yourself

38 Stop complaining

39 Be honest

40 Get regular exercise

41 Focus on your strengths

42 Go for a walk

43 Move more

44 Show appreciation to your partner

45 Make friends with like-minded people

46 Appreciation (to value it)

47 Practice random acts of kindness

48 Read inspiring books

49 Practice gratitude for what you have

50 Change up your vocabulary

51 Let go of perfectionism

52 Cultivate a healthy lifestyle

53 Make the most of the weekend

54 Start each day with a smile

55 Do something you love

56 Invest in a quality relationship

57 Be content with doing nothing

58 Stop aiming for perfection

59 Wake up naturally

60 Let go of the fear of abandonment

61 Work with a therapist if you need additional support

62 Add positive thinking to your life

63 Live according to your personal values

64 Get your sweat on

65 Bring your pet to work

66 Build meaningful connections

67 Practice self-care on a daily basis

68 Spend your money on experiences rather than things

69 Play with a child

70 Nurture your relationships

71 Get out in the sunshine

72 Get the help you need

73 Create a happiness training routine

74 Be conscious of keeping a positive mindset

75 Find meaning and purpose

76 Make sure to drink enough water

77 Accept yourself for who you are

78 Talk to your grandparents

79 Be open to new friends

80 Forgive those who have hurt you

81 Commit to a work-life balance already!

82 Twist the sheets

83 Acknowledge your negative emotions

84 Have self-control

85 Resilience

86 Emotion

87 Meaning

88 Canada

89 Give away things you no longer use

90 Keep important medical information in your wallet

91 Cook a healthy meal

92 Go swimming

93 Make a photo album

94 Make your choice

95 Follow your gut

96 Assume the best in others

97 Let your goals direct you

98 Find a healthy work-life balance

99 Look through old photos

100 Clean your house

101 Relax about small inconveniences

102 Give positive feedback

103 Dont put too much pressure on yourself

104 Be busy, but not rushed

105 Have an open mind

106 Give yourself a fresh start

107 Find your passion and cultivate it

108 Do things that you enjoy

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