53 Ways to be a happier person

1 Express gratitude

2 Go for some exercise

3 Make the decision to be happier

4 Enjoy what you have

5 Get outside

6 Smile

7 Breathe deeply

8 Get plenty of sleep

9 Cultivate friendships

10 Give back

11 Help others in need

12 Happy people are more creative and better at solving problems

13 Throw your negative thoughts into the trash (literally)

14 Appreciation (to value it)

15 Just listen

16 Perform a random act of kindness

17 Give a sincere compliment

18 Exercise more seven minutes might be enough

19 Meditate rewire your brain for happiness

20 Help others 100 hours a year is the magical number

21 Give hugs (to those you know)

22 Do something you love

23 Talk to someone

24 Get the help you need

25 Buy yourself some flowers

26 Write a thank you note to someone this week

27 Treat yourself

28 Try your best to smile

29 Do yoga or meditation

30 Be a friend

31 Bring your pet to work

32 Appreciate yourself

33 Of course id be happier!

34 Connect with someone

35 Create a happiness training routine

36 Make a point to get some fresh air

37 Practice being grateful every day

38 Practice gratitude increase both happiness and life satisfaction

39 Look

40 Creativity

41 Think positively

42 Add some natural elements

43 Skip the coffee, and exercise before work instead

44 Make friends and invest in your relationships

45 Become a stress resilience ninja

46 Take care of your soul

47 Commit to your (intrinsic) goals

48 Check in with your obligation meter

49 Resist the fear of missing out (fomo)

50 Check your assumptions about what it means to say no

51 Consider how to use a modified no

52 Spend on experiences rather than things

53 Read self-care books

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