32 Ways to be a likeable person

1 Give compliments

2 Be positive

3 Don’t complain

4 Stay positive

5 Compliment others genuinely and often

6 Be supportive

7 Be authentic

8 Listen, listen, listen

9 Be yourself!

10 Do not be judgemental

11 Display a sense of humour

12 Be calm and emotionally stable

13 Adopt good listening skills

14 Be open-minded

15 Maintain eye contact

16 Call people by their name

17 Make their flaws entertaining

18 Don't just listen -- actively listen

19 Show other people that you like them

20 Say you're sorry

21 Dont try to be the center of attention

22 Have a friendly, open, engaged demeanor

23 Look people in the eye

24 Understand your audience

25 Be authentic and a person of integrity at all times

26 Establish a connection via shared interests

27 Remember their name

28 Be a little vulnerable

29 Minimize complaining

30 Remind yourself you are safe and have nothing to fear

31 Casually touch them

32 Be positive around them

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