54 Ways to be kind

1 Give a sincere compliment

2 Be kind to yourself

3 Show kindness to them

4 Smile more

5 Be compassionate toward others

6 Express gratitude

7 Give a stranger a compliment

8 Give someone an intentional compliment

9 Donate your talents

10 Say thank you

11 Be polite

12 Tell someone you love them

13 Set a good example

14 Make dinner for a family in need

15 Volunteer together

16 Be happy for others

17 Take care of yourself

18 Try not to complain about anything

19 Recommend someone your favorite book/movie

20 Write a sweet letter to yourself

21 Leave your waiter a generous tip whenever you can

22 Donate what you can to a charity you care about

23 Be understanding – assume the best in others

24 Spread kindness that you have received

25 Donate to a food bank or shop for someone

26 Volunteer at an organization in your community

27 Donate blood at a blood drive

28 Hold the door open for someone

29 I love you even when you are angry at me

30 Create a kindness rocks garden (literally)

31 Stick up for others

32 Share your music

33 Be optimistic

34 Tell someone when you think positively them

35 Offer to babysit

36 Get moving

37 Drink less

38 Go to sleep earlier

39 Treat your sweetheart

40 Schedule teatime

41 Host a family dance party

42 Talk to your children about race

43 Bake for a neighbor

44 Grocery shop for someone who needs it

45 Hand out snack bags

46 Support a local restaurant

47 Vote and register people to vote

48 Take a hike

49 Buy food from farmers

50 Volunteer in a litter cleanup

51 Reduce, reuse, recycle and compost

52 Turn off your lights

53 Dress for the season and play outside

54 Wear a mask

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