31 Ways to be truly happy

1 Give a sincere compliment

2 Believe you can be happy

3 Cultivate gratitude

4 Love

5 Cultivate a healthy passion

6 Smile!

7 Trust yourself

8 Let go of negativity

9 Practise mindfulness

10 Enjoy the journey

11 Spend quality time together

12 Very pleased, delighted

13 Let go of the fear of abandonment

14 Avoid the negative thoughts

15 Get positive about it

16 Forgive yourself

17 Reevaluate your goals

18 Encourage yourself

19 Be appreciative and kind

20 Accept yourself for who you are

21 Let go of resentment

22 Truly happy couples are committed to each other

23 Buy some experience

24 Learn how to love yourself by saying no to others

25 Surrender

26 Pay attention

27 Dont put too much pressure on yourself

28 Fame

29 Savor experiences

30 Locate and focus on character strengths

31 Show affection

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