41 Ways to be calm in any situation

1 Remain calm

2 Breathe, and breathe

3 Take some deep breaths

4 Practice meditation

5 Focus on your senses

6 Focus on the positive

7 Be prepared

8 Go for a walk

9 Think positively

10 Compassion for others

11 Take your breaks

12 Practise relaxation techniques

13 Get help if you need it

14 Listen to music

15 Get plenty of sleep

16 Choose your response

17 Keep it all in perspective

18 Prepare for the worst

19 Go in the opposite direction

20 Make good use of this opportunity

21 Use a calming visualization

22 Get to the pressure point with hand massage

23 Go spend time in your happy place

24 Recognize what stress looks like for you

25 Count to 10 (or 100)

26 Express your anger

27 Take a conscious breath

28 Get some exercise

29 Keep a journal

30 Offer compassion to yourself

31 Think about the big picture

32 Exercise and eat well

33 Consider all information, not just statistics

34 Seek good social support

35 Take your prescribed medication

36 National center for complementary and integrative health website

37 Black, d

38 Go back to basics

39 Be patient

40 Question your perspective

41 Avoid a doom and gloom attitude

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