37 Ways to be calm always

1 Stay focused

2 Breathe

3 Take a deep breath

4 Get sleep

5 Be compassionate

6 Get help if you need it

7 Visualise a happy place

8 Smile anyway

9 Think positive

10 Count to 10 (or 100)

11 Eat well

12 Have fun

13 Get some exercise

14 Make a plan

15 Trust yourself

16 Listen actively

17 Focus on your breathing

18 Ask yourself if your anger is reasonable

19 Breathe always

20 Go for a stroll

21 Recognize what stress looks like for you

22 Watch something funny

23 Wait a few seconds before taking another breath

24 Listen to a guided meditation

25 Prepare for the worst

26 Keep it all in perspective

27 Sit up straight, and stay there

28 Listen to music that calms

29 Take control

30 Massage your hands

31 Worry never works

32 Be realistic

33 Always be flexible

34 Walk or do some light exercise

35 Limit your information intake

36 Curse if you have to

37 National center for complementary and integrative health website

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