57 Ways to be of service to others

1 Volunteer your time

2 Donate blood

3 Donate to a cause

4 Offer kindness proactively

5 Encourage others

6 Share gratitude in life

7 Share your talents

8 Pray

9 Be genuine with your apologies

10 Help organize a charity event

11 Ask for help when you need it

12 Random act of kindness

13 Avoid and guard against gossip

14 Send a care package to the military

15 Keep excuses to your self

16 Chalk your walk

17 Keep emails and texts positive

18 Cultivate your sense of curiosity

19 Show good sportsmanship on sports teams

20 Be a change agent

21 Practice patience

22 Tell your story

23 Teach something specific that you know about

24 Tell someone they are your friend

25 Hold or get the door for someone

26 Respect affirms those worthy of respect

27 Use your creativity

28 Send someone an encouraging note

29 Serve at a local soup kitchen or food bank

30 Buy dinner for someone

31 Stay calm and (dont) carry on a grudge

32 Send someone flowers and a note

33 Check-in on your neighbors and older adults

34 Communicate consciously

35 Youll boost your self-esteem

36 Offer your seat on the bus / train

37 Recruit several families and adopt a nursing home

38 Offer to do jobs or chores

39 Give tithes and offerings

40 Serve god by serving children

41 Mourn with those that mourn

42 Simple acts of service

43 Serve god by humbling yourself

44 Read 4956 times

45 Make eye contact

46 Buy someone lunch

47 Share your dreams with someone

48 Write an article that helps people

49 Always let others speak before you

50 Be a mentor to someone

51 Buy someone a book

52 Bring baked goods to work

53 Compliment someone

54 Give books youve read away

55 Practice appreciate inquiry and positive dialog

56 Make moral decisions

57 Start with yourself

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