27 Ways to be mindful all the time

1 Do a guided meditation or mindfulness practice

2 Focus on your breath

3 Slowdown

4 Incorporate deep breathing

5 Cook yourself a meal

6 Laugh and smile

7 Practice yoga

8 Journaling

9 Get outdoors

10 Create a journal

11 Stop and smell the flowers

12 Change up your scene or routine

13 Come to your senses

14 Practice mindfulness during routine activities

15 Develop active listening skills

16 Create community around your healthy habits

17 Mindful meditation tracks

18 Leave your phone behind

19 Practice mindful eating

20 Observe the people around you

21 Take a lunch break

22 Adopt a daily meditation practice

23 Making your bed

24 Witness and track the pattern

25 Exercise

26 Avoid multitasking

27 Keep phone and computer time in check

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