33 Ways to stay disciplined

1 Stay positive

2 Get rid of temptations

3 Know your weaknesses

4 Remove distractions

5 Visualize your goals

6 Wake up at the same time

7 Make decisions in advance

8 Start with small things

9 Define your why

10 Make a list

11 Eat regularly and healthily

12 Stay true to your purpose

13 Create a schedule

14 Keep your eye on the prize and remember whydiscipline matters

15 Take breaks at regular intervals

16 Take good care of yourself

17 Consciously challenge yourself

18 Define your wants and identify your goals

19 Set goals and make a plan

20 Establish good habits by starting small

21 Keep track of your progress

22 Remove as many temptations as possible to make discipline automatic

23 Eat healthy foods that make deposits into your discipline bank

24 Set big goals

25 Leverage goals to counter temptations

26 Take it one step at a time

27 Prioritize

28 Cultivate your internal resources with self-care

29 Show yourself compassion

30 Update your progress and review your workings

31 Hide tempting irritants

32 Forgive yourself

33 Follow the plan

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