43 Ways to be mentally strong and happy

1 Regulate your emotions

2 Have an attitude of gratitude

3 Value yourself

4 Self-care

5 Set goals and achieve them

6 Stop sheltering your emotions

7 Consider talking to a therapist

8 Ask for help when you need it

9 Theyre relentlessly positive

10 Take positive action

11 Exercise your emotions

12 Identify specific areas that you would like to change

13 Learn how to understand your emotions

14 Remind yourself of your responsibility

15 Learn how to deal with stress

16 Focus on things you can control

17 Smile & laugh more

18 Establish and keep boundaries

19 Mindfulness and meditation

20 Help others in need

21 Ask for help

22 Learn how to practice kindness

23 Stay firm on your principles and values

24 Be compassionate toward yourself

25 Take decisive actions

26 Dont waste time feeling sorry for yourself

27 Take control of your most upsetting thoughts

28 Stay positive

29 Change your perspective

30 For emotional fortitude, develop emotional intelligence

31 Reflect on your experiences

32 Let go of your bad habits

33 Make healthy choices

34 Stay away from vices that disturb your mental peace

35 Be kind and do something nice

36 Break out of the monotony

37 Surround yourself with mentally strong people

38 Get rid of the shame associated with grieving

39 Meditate

40 Pamper yourself

41 Accept what you cant control

42 Accept reality

43 Read more

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