46 Ways to be happy alone in life

1 Be grateful

2 Stop the comparison with others

3 Love yourself

4 Pursue your passion(s)

5 Exercise!

6 Use your alone time wisely

7 Create your own happiness

8 Meditation

9 Do it with kindness

10 Smile!

11 Volunteer for a cause

12 Know yourself

13 Take care of yourself & your home

14 Spend time with nature

15 Find some silence to think

16 Immerse yourself in meaningful activities—and enjoy the moment

17 Exercise forgiveness

18 Take care of your health

19 Focus on your strengths

20 Give back to your community

21 Make plans for your future

22 Join a club or organization

23 Step out of your comfort zone

24 Try and find a silver lining

25 Single people tend to have less credit card debt

26 Give yourself a chance

27 Appreciate yourself

28 Get mindful

29 Stay clean and sober

30 Be involved in preparations for the arrival of your baby

31 Learn to enjoy your alone time

32 Solitude is independence

33 Give yourself time to grow forward

34 Single people have more time to themselves

35 See that being joyful is your fundamental responsibility

36 Separate the feelings from the facts

37 Give the emotion full expression

38 Watch out for noisy thoughts

39 Reduce mindless consumption

40 Create something of value

41 Treat yourself to a hot date

42 Gratitude journal

43 Check your social media usage

44 Travel!

45 Build/ deepen your relationship with god

46 Attend meetups

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