80 Ways to be happy everyday

1 Cultivate gratitude

2 Get your sleep

3 Smile

4 Get plenty of sleep

5 Spend time with friends

6 Exercise!

7 Make time for meditation

8 Get a pet

9 Keep a journal

10 Surround yourself with happy people

11 Be grateful

12 Give

13 Be yourself

14 Get out in nature

15 Stop complaining

16 Help others

17 Laugh

18 Give a sincere compliment

19 Explore your spirituality

20 Surround yourself with positive people

21 Make self-care part of your routine

22 Pick some flowers

23 Forgive yourself

24 Plan your happiness

25 Make time for fun

26 Breathe deeply

27 Practice gratitude for what you have

28 Take those vacation days

29 Try something new

30 Stop comparing yourself to other people

31 Accept yourself for who you are

32 Stay open-minded

33 Develop healthy habits

34 Spending time with your loved ones

35 Give a stranger a compliment

36 Think of happy memories

37 Figure out what makes you truly happy

38 Let yourself love anyway

39 Hide a secret note for him or her to find

40 Be open to new friends

41 Drink water asap

42 Get some sunshine

43 Assist your co-workers

44 Disconnect from social media

45 Take yourself out to lunch

46 Spend time with friends and family

47 See the positive side of things

48 Avoid gossip

49 Practice self-acceptance

50 Eat a healthy, balanced diet

51 Listen attentively

52 Go out and play

53 Acknowledge your emotions

54 Connect and contribute

55 Eat foods that boost your mood

56 Make eye contact when you say hello

57 Cuddle your partner

58 Have coffee with a long lost friend

59 Offer your support

60 Share some of your yield

61 Serve them tea or coffee the way the like it

62 Put other people first

63 Theymake the best out of everything

64 Encourage outdoor play

65 Shorten your commute

66 Acknowledge the unhappy moments

67 Face stress head-on

68 Declutter

69 Plan your week

70 Ditch your phone

71 Consider therapy

72 Find a self-care ritual

73 Take yourself out

74 Create a thought list

75 Take time to reflect

76 Reevaluate your goals

77 Take care of your body

78 Let go of grudges

79 Dwell in the present

80 Speak daily affirmation into your life

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