85 Ways to be happy in life always

1 Be grateful

2 Smile and youll be happy

3 Be yourself

4 Be forgiving

5 Get some good sleep

6 Spend time with people who make you happy

7 Stay healthy

8 Exercise!

9 Exercise regularly

10 Spend some time with your family and loved ones

11 Serve and help others

12 Eat healthily

13 Forgive

14 Focus on the positive!

15 Do something for others

16 Forgive those who hurt you

17 Let go of the past

18 Eat healthy

19 Love yourself

20 Spend time in nature

21 Smile more often

22 Give a compliment

23 Try something new

24 Pick some flowers

25 Practice gratitude for what you have in your life

26 Help someone

27 Believe and trust yourself

28 Exercise and build a healthy lifestyle

29 Cultivate gratitude

30 Share with others

31 Avoid blame

32 Keep a gratitude journal

33 Determine what happiness will look like for you

34 Stop worrying

35 See that being joyful is your fundamental responsibility

36 Speak truthfully

37 Find those silver linings

38 Practice yoga

39 Give yourself a confidence boost

40 Take a walk in nature

41 Find your life purpose

42 Just listen

43 Focus on your strengths

44 Be respectful

45 Go for a walk

46 Say affirmations out loud

47 Buy experiences, not things

48 Use your alone time wisely

49 Surround yourself with positive people

50 Find joy in your present moment

51 Read a book

52 Practice smiling more

53 Maintain reasonable expectations for your happiness

54 Do fun, free stuff with friends

55 Choose to set boundaries

56 Stop comparing yourself to other people

57 Socialize with friends (if possible)

58 Try to add joy to the lives of other people

59 Bring your pet to work

60 Build meaningful connections

61 Be content with doing nothing

62 Play with a child

63 Breathe deeply

64 Make your own happiness a priority

65 Create a happiness training routine

66 Find your purpose

67 Meditate regularly

68 Make the decision to be happier

69 Celebrate daily wins

70 Take it slow

71 Do the things you love

72 Explore your spirituality

73 Stay true to your values

74 Assume responsibility

75 Explore meditation

76 Get predictive about customer data

77 Face your problems and make a positive change

78 Change your perspective

79 Follow your passion

80 Eat foods that boost your mood

81 Let the chips fall where they may

82 Follow your gut

83 Make plans for your future

84 Have an open mind

85 Avoid mindless consumption

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