121 Ways to be by yourself

1 Get outside

2 Get to know yourself

3 Get out there and exercise

4 Give yourself a massage

5 Be kind to yourself

6 Ask for help

7 Be honest with yourself

8 Forgive yourself

9 Appreciate yourself

10 Learn something new

11 Forgive yourself for your mistakes

12 Say i love you often

13 Take a nap

14 Take a bath

15 Spend time with nature

16 Practice gratitude for what you have

17 Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers

18 Call a friend

19 Make plans for your future

20 Create a feeling of gratitude

21 Stay connected

22 Dance around

23 Give yourself a break

24 Set big goals

25 Stop comparing yourself to other people

26 Take care of your health

27 Step out of your comfort zone

28 Relax

29 Change your mindset

30 Try a new workout class

31 Reward yourself and celebrate your successes

32 Find a mentor

33 Learn a new language

34 Do nothing

35 Accept yourself

36 Be your best

37 Read an uplifting book or magazine

38 Have a plan

39 Read a book

40 Stop comparing

41 Give yourself a manicure and pedicure

42 Let go of your past

43 Go for a walk

44 Eliminate distractions mercilessly

45 Practice mindfulness

46 Work on goals you believe in

47 Head to the movies

48 Find a form of exercise you love

49 Take it slow

50 Give yourself compliments

51 Turn off social media for the day

52 Take responsibility for you

53 Throw away your scale

54 Get motivation from the people in your life

55 Try your hand at coloring

56 Call your friends and family more often

57 Create a list of your accomplishments and goals

58 Figure out your mantra

59 Stand up for others

60 Give yourself credit where credit is due

61 Create self-love habits

62 Focus on the greater good

63 Get some sleep already

64 Find your happy place

65 Pour yourself into a new hobby

66 Listen to a postive podcast

67 Prioritise yourself

68 Find your passion and cultivate it

69 Write in a gratitude journal

70 Embrace the change

71 Let yourself cry

72 Create a positive mindset

73 Change one thing to improve your diet

74 Keep looking and moving straight forward

75 Eat a naturally sweet snack

76 Hug it out

77 Listen to music you enjoy

78 Surround yourself with people who lift you up

79 Start with self-care

80 Smile more

81 Clean out your closet

82 Manage stress

83 Invest in your most fulfilling relationships

84 Make a do-not-discuss list

85 Breathe the right scents

86 Eat more fruits and veggies

87 Pound the pavement

88 Unplug

89 Get out of town

90 Get yourself an own your awesome positive affirmations deck

91 Take a walk in nature

92 Know that there is perfection in the imperfections

93 Make a list of 20 things that make you happy

94 Break tasks down into small steps

95 Write yourself a love letter

96 Develop and express your individuality

97 Listen (lovingly) to your discomfort

98 Make a pact with other moms

99 Take a warm bath alone

100 Have tea and cookies with a friend

101 Wear a fancy outfit on a regular day

102 Buy a treat just for you at the grocery store

103 Watch your favorite show in peace

104 Have an at-home date night

105 Bonus!

106 Watch puppies riding skateboards

107 Play with a unicorn-themed beauty product

108 Be confident with who you are

109 Stop being negative about yourself

110 Strive for what you want to accomplish

111 Check in with your obligation meter

112 Resist the fear of missing out (fomo)

113 Check your assumptions about what it means to say no

114 Consider how to use a modified no

115 Act on your inspiration

116 Serve yourself a top-notch meal

117 Recruit help

118 Embrace failure

119 Make a budget

120 Limit fomo (fear of missing out) bait

121 Fill up your cart! then abandon it

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