35 Ways to be yourself again

1 Accept yourself

2 Practice gratitude for what you have

3 Treat yourself

4 Get out there and exercise

5 Find a mentor

6 Practice self-care

7 Stay real

8 Form healthy relationships

9 Celebrate your strengths

10 Get outside

11 Step out of your comfort zone

12 Seek professional support

13 Take yourself out on a date

14 Make sense of your past

15 Focus on the positive

16 Distract yourself (in a healthy way)

17 Practice compassion and generosity

18 Find your purpose

19 Silence your inner critic

20 Dress for you

21 Travel at least once a year

22 Pursue new interests

23 Give yourself credit where credit is due

24 Celebrate small milestones

25 Create a dedicated work area/find a permanent work space

26 Start a gratitude journal

27 Get to know your inner self

28 Dance around

29 Get out of town

30 Change your self-talk

31 Learn how to love yourself by saying no to others

32 Eat healthier

33 Get in the best shape of your life

34 Develop and express your individuality

35 Participate in the responsibilities of the house

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