70 Ways to be with yourself

1 Be proactive with self care

2 Know yourself

3 Rest well

4 Be kind and gentle with yourself

5 Forgive yourself for past mistakes

6 Be grateful

7 Be honest with yourself

8 Get outside

9 Learn something new

10 Act positive

11 Ask for help

12 Be kinder towards others

13 Accept yourself

14 Indulge in a massage

15 Dance around

16 Have fun!

17 Appreciate yourself

18 Meditate regularly

19 Smile more

20 Get active

21 Forgive yourself

22 Take care of your body

23 Say i love you often

24 Accept help from other people

25 Stop comparing

26 Tidy up your space

27 Maintain a (mostly) healthy diet

28 Write a gratitude letterto yourself

29 Stand up for others

30 Let go of your past

31 Visit with your family

32 Give yourself credit where credit is due

33 Read a book

34 Be kind and generous

35 Find a form of exercise you love

36 Do your mirror work

37 Get prepared

38 Find your happy place

39 Pour yourself into a new hobby

40 Improve your skill set

41 Change your mindset

42 Have a plan

43 Become more aware of your thoughts

44 Prioritise yourself

45 Get a good nights sleep

46 Allow yourself somedown time

47 Throw away your scale

48 Put your phone away at night

49 Start from the beginning

50 Eat a balanced diet and include fruits and vegetables

51 Do some simple stretches to get your blood moving

52 Take time to do nothing

53 Build your letting-go muscle

54 Surround yourself with people who lift you up

55 Have a care-free dance session

56 Take action to seize opportunity

57 …and that goes for nutrition off the plate as well

58 Take an online class that interests you

59 Walk away

60 Let go of guilt

61 Take a news fast

62 Get some snacks!

63 Write yourself a love letter

64 Develop and express your individuality

65 Breathe the right scents

66 Set a fixed waking up and sleeping time

67 Review your personal successes

68 Have some healthy fats

69 Quit complaining

70 Take a lot of pictures

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