42 Ways to be done with someone

1 Show gratitude

2 Listen!

3 Cook their favorite food

4 Spend time with friends

5 Give her flowers

6 Smile

7 Love yourself more

8 Make your s

9 Spend quality time with them

10 Do what they love with them

11 Believe in them and give them hope

12 Give a hug

13 Encourage them

14 Practice forgiveness

15 Offer your support

16 Pay them a compliment

17 Change up how you initiate sex

18 Tell them the truth

19 Give a stranger a compliment

20 Ask how their day went

21 Ask what they need help with

22 Display a sense of humor

23 Pick a sick bathroom

24 Hide a secret note for him or her to find

25 Run errands together

26 Give the right feedback

27 Make them laugh

28 Give your days some structure

29 Stay in touch

30 Send a get well gift or care package

31 Send written notes

32 Make breakfast in bed

33 Plan something ahead of time

34 Say youre sorry

35 Learn something new together

36 Dive into a new hobby

37 Stop looking for the silver bullet

38 Acknowledge them

39 Do a random act of kindness together

40 Share some of your fall harvest

41 Learn to deal with conflict

42 Set time aside with no distractions

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