26 Ways to be more stoic

1 Feel grateful for all good you own

2 Be fully aware of the present moment

3 Make the attainment of a tranquil mind yourhighest goal

4 Early morning reflection

5 Influence

6 Be an eternal student

7 Say only what isnt better left unsaid

8 Dont gossip

9 Dont get disturbed and buy tranquility instead

10 See the opportunity in challenging situations

11 Play your given cards well

12 Love whatever happens

13 Dont get played like a puppet

14 Play the equanimity game

15 Joakim

16 Learn your anger triggers and stop it early

17 Resist the impulse to be curious

18 Dont seek reasons to be angry

19 See yourself in the offender

20 Do battle with yourself

21 Build a collection of anger case-studies

22 Develop tolerance

23 Heal rather than punish

24 Turn anger into appreciation

25 Stop being a diva

26 Self-reflection

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