42 Ways to be more social

1 Promote your social media accounts

2 Be genuine

3 Reach out to friends of friends

4 Develop your listening skills

5 Practice

6 Start in small ways

7 Work on your body language

8 Practice maintaining eye contact

9 Tell stories

10 Be interesting

11 Offer compliments generously

12 Be a positive role model

13 Run competitions and giveaways

14 Ask a question

15 Invite potential friends to do something with you

16 Get rid of your fear of rejection

17 Imagine that the other person is already your friend

18 Make a plan

19 Liking, sharing and commenting on others content

20 Post multiple times daily

21 Pay more attention to your community

22 Have a cheery laugh

23 Point to your social media accounts from your website

24 Take humor risks

25 Make sure your content looks good when shared on social

26 Host virtual events & invite your friends

27 Invite and be invited

28 Make your social sharing buttons prominent

29 Stay up to date on current events

30 Share other peoples content

31 Practice social skills by role playing social situations

32 Make friends with people who you see in non-social contexts

33 Ask for help when you need it

34 Ask yourself

35 Respond promptly

36 Admit to mistakes

37 Encourage others to talk about themselves

38 Create custom images for your social media posts

39 Have patience

40 Understand the psychology behind social sharing

41 Continue your education at a local college

42 Maintain friendships

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