69 Ways to improve your vocabulary

1 Read, read, read!

2 Use a dictionary

3 Know the parts of words

4 Do word puzzles and play word games

5 Study vocabulary in context

6 Use a good dictionary

7 Practice

8 Use a thesaurus

9 Learn one new word a day

10 Learn the roots of words

11 Visualize and learn in context

12 Enjoy yourself with the words you learn

13 Read more attentively

14 Play games

15 Watch tv series and movies with subtitles

16 Read, read, and read

17 Keep a personal dictionary

18 Draw it

19 Use new words frequently in conversations

20 Set goals and stay motivated

21 Dont ignore phrasal verbs

22 Hear the word

23 Set a goal

24 Enroll for a writing course

25 Subscribe to word-of-the-day emails

26 Learn actively, not passively

27 Read different genres of books

28 Find a listening source that is suitable for ielts

29 Use youtube for understanding

30 Use it (or lose it)

31 Add new vocabulary to your dictionary

32 Make reading a regular habit

33 Act

34 Choose

35 Maintain a personal lexicon

36 Describe the word

37 Tell me once, tell me twice

38 Make each new word meaningful

39 Have a word of the day

40 Have a dictionary and thesaurus around you

41 Start a blog

42 Translate words into your own language

43 Learn about english (and american) culture

44 Try vocabulary quizzes

45 Correspond with an english pen friend

46 Write down new words

47 Use pictures

48 Learn with other people

49 Associate a new word you learn with people and events

50 Use the new words in other sentences

51 Study word formation charts

52 Repeat the word at least 7 times to remember it

53 Create vocabulary themes

54 Create antonym and synonym word lists

55 Learn prefixes and suffixes

56 Use flash cards

57 Give yourself weekly words to use

58 Write an explanation of the word in english

59 Use visual dictionaries

60 Make your own vocabulary tests

61 Find a writing partner

62 Use word clouds

63 Be creative and imaginative when learning vocabulary

64 Avoid making random word lists

65 Use the vocabulary you learn in your own way

66 Assign different colors to different words

67 Learn groups of words

68 Create special vocabulary lists

69 Apply the new words you have learned in daily conversations

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