30 Ways to create habits

1 Start ridiculously small

2 Make it easy

3 Give yourself rewards

4 Make it satisfying

5 Craft a plan

6 Habit tracking is satisfying

7 Be patient and find a sustainable pace

8 Do it daily

9 Plan and commit

10 Identify the habit you want to form

11 Be clear

12 Schedule and track your habits

13 Focus on one goal at a time

14 Begin with one habit at a time

15 Actively practice gratitude

16 Find an accountability partner

17 Employ visualization and affirmations

18 Make them attractive

19 Identify your trigger

20 Start slowly

21 Share tweet pin pocket

22 Tim brownson – a daring adventure

23 Think of it as an experiment

24 Mindfully manage your money

25 Stay hydrated

26 Set your savings to stun

27 Take a moment to be grateful

28 Do some meal prep

29 Avoid alcohol

30 Identify unwanted habits

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