27 Ways to train your brain to be positive

1 Start a daily gratitude practice

2 Challenge negative interpretations

3 Practice meditation

4 Pay attention to the positive things​

5 Get a good nights sleep

6 Get physical exercise

7 Be aware of your thoughts

8 Exercise regularly

9 Practice random acts of kindness

10 Use brain training applications

11 Turn negatives into positives

12 Support others

13 Eat brain-healthy foods

14 Stay present

15 Turn off technology

16 Use your memory more

17 Take care of yourself

18 Express gratitude

19 Meditate

20 Gratitude journal

21 Become sovereign

22 Change your perspective

23 Reduce your news consumption

24 Mind your words

25 Engage in quiet self-care

26 Access spiritual strength

27 Find time to get sweaty

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