49 Ways to become the person you want to be

1 Be honest with yourself

2 Pay them a compliment

3 Be authentic

4 Learn to listen

5 Accept help from other people

6 Smile

7 Cultivate gratitude

8 Celebrate the small wins

9 Ask questions

10 Take responsibility for you

11 Display a sense of humor

12 Check your baggage at the door

13 Get a coach

14 Take your time

15 Build interpersonal relationships

16 Implement a routine

17 Start really small

18 Focus your attention

19 Be interested to be interesting

20 Dont be afraid of a bit of silence

21 Improve your self-talk

22 Determine what matters to you

23 Speak your truth

24 Put yourself first

25 Become good at something

26 Listen and show compassion

27 Learn to love yourself

28 Identify discrepanciesto develop authenticity

29 Have three good stories ready to share

30 Have fun along the way

31 Use social media to your advantage

32 Communicate and listen

33 Prioritise yourself

34 Set specific, measurable goals

35 Use goal visualization

36 Brighten up

37 Dont be critical

38 Promote positive thinking

39 Manage your finances

40 Read another book

41 Cultivate deep work

42 Become an inverse paranoid

43 Create a side project

44 Dont talk about yourself as much

45 Consider the upsides

46 Learn how to tell a good story

47 Try an app

48 Be an active listener

49 Put a smile on your face

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