89 Ways to boost self confidence

1 Be grateful & assured

2 Care for yourself

3 Think positive

4 Dress nicely

5 Set and accomplish your goals

6 Face your fears

7 Clarify your values and live them

8 Leverage your strengths

9 Stop comparing yourself to others

10 Cultivate a habit of gratitude

11 Challenge your inner critic

12 Have a positive attitude

13 Use body language

14 Act positive

15 Fake it until you make it

16 Present yourself with confidence

17 Know (and accept) yourself for who you are

18 Compliment yourself

19 Celebrate each of your accomplishments

20 Help someone out

21 Get regular exercise

22 Be kind and generous

23 Love yourself

24 Invest in your well-being

25 Walk the walk

26 Surround yourself with people who make you feel good

27 Seek to help others

28 Do activities you enjoy

29 Take a break

30 Learn your confidence areas

31 Learn a new skill

32 Groom yourself & dress nicely

33 Do kind acts for others

34 Force a smile

35 Stop comparing

36 Become a mentor

37 Try something new

38 Remember that everyone makes mistakes

39 Celebrate the small stuff

40 Focus on what you have the power to change

41 Change a (small) habit

42 Spend your time with supportive people

43 Get prepared

44 Accept your strengths and honestly acknowledge your weaknesses

45 Practice self-compassionate self-acceptance

46 Get up and get moving

47 Put care into your appearance

48 Cut out negative self-talk

49 Use your past as a self-confidence guide

50 Be aware of your posture and body language

51 Get quality sleep

52 Avoid falling into the comparison trap

53 Think positive to kill negative thoughts

54 Be true to yourself

55 Strive for balance

56 Work on your power pose

57 Focus on the small victories

58 Set and achieve reasonable goals

59 Self image and self esteem build confidence

60 Identify and challenge your negative beliefs

61 Focus on what makes you happy

62 Exercise and improve your health

63 Express your emotions

64 Create and maintain personal boundaries

65 Use visualisation

66 Always do your best and be realistic with it

67 Break out that lucky charm

68 Write down and record your accomplishments

69 Flirt with somebody

70 Understand and challenge your limiting beliefs

71 Take a 2 minute self-appreciation break

72 Find your why

73 Pump up the jam

74 Be your biggest cheerleader

75 Get physical

76 Surround yourself with beauty

77 Build a support system

78 Just do it!

79 Unplug

80 Exercise outside

81 Take care of yourself and your surroundings

82 Tell your inner voice to shut up

83 Challenge negative thought patterns

84 Surround yourself with a supportive squad

85 Visualize yourself kicking ass

86 Write it down

87 Build your gratitude mindset

88 Do some yoga

89 Trust god

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