28 Ways to journal for self growth

1 Self awareness

2 Write

3 Allow time for creativity

4 Practice self-care

5 Practice gratitude

6 Practice self-love

7 Let go of the past

8 Create ways to meet new people

9 Date your entries

10 Get some accountability

11 Try writing with a journaling prompt

12 Happiness

13 Highlight personal development skills during your job interview

14 Set a regular time of day

15 Choose a prompt

16 Learn a new language

17 Write your goals

18 Make journaling one of your goals

19 Make time for journaling

20 Have a growth mindset

21 Observe your emotional reactions

22 Make learning a habit

23 Start a gratitude journal

24 Track your progress

25 Progress logging journaling idea

26 Question of the day journaling idea

27 Generate ideas

28 Find an accountability partner or mastermind

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