44 Ways to be calm at all times

1 Practice mindfulness meditation

2 Breathe, and breathe

3 Get enough sleep

4 Take a walk

5 Take deep breaths

6 Focus on the positive

7 Practice gratitude

8 Get help if you need it

9 Eat healthily

10 Do mindfulness exercises

11 Speak to someone

12 Write it all down

13 Give yourself a hand massage

14 Connect with your breath

15 Get some exercise

16 Take your breaks

17 Be authentic

18 Get your green tea on

19 Smile anyway

20 Stretch it out

21 Do something fun and creative

22 Go in the opposite direction

23 Find some alone time

24 Get your flow on

25 Do a crossword puzzle

26 Practice meditation

27 Get enough rest and sleep

28 Journaling

29 Cultivate compassion

30 Remain calm, always

31 Keep it all in perspective

32 Think positively

33 Get in touch with your senses

34 Recognize what stress looks like for you

35 Pay attention to your body

36 Compassion for others

37 Use visualization techniques

38 Take an exercise class together

39 Chomp some chewing gum

40 Check in

41 Get your head below your heart

42 Talk to a pal

43 Find the sun

44 Be patient

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