27 Ways to be calm person

1 Breathe

2 Practice mindfulness

3 Take some deep breaths

4 Be compassionate toward yourself

5 Go for a stroll

6 Eat a tasty (preferably – healthy) meal

7 Massage your hands

8 Count to 10 (or 100)

9 Write it all down

10 Get plenty of sleep

11 Be empathetic

12 Take a nap

13 Focus on the positives

14 Listen to music that calms

15 Compassion for others

16 Take a warm shower or bath

17 Stop the spread of stress

18 Listen to my music

19 Do this monkey stretch to release tension

20 Understand your emotions

21 Hug yourself

22 Get them moving

23 Spray some lavender to calm down quickly

24 Stay calm at work by asking questions

25 Practice gratitude

26 Get creative

27 Hit the pause button

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